Our group of companies is independent and this has guaranteed a timely and solution-oriented supply to our partners and customers for many years.

Our cast houses in Germany and Austria ensure a high degree of product quality and security of supply. The production process as well as our systems technology are optimized constantly.

Thanks to the central geographic location of our plants we can deliver to our core markets – Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – as well as to bordering markets, such as Benelux, France, Italy, and Eastern Europe - in a timely manner.

Mag. Harald Pfanner
Head of Sales
+43 5552 636 79 16

Alexandra Ivandic-Metzler
+43 5552 636 79 17

Alexander Sala
+43 5552 636 79 26

Sophie Kreidl
+43 5552 636 79 25

Ø 178 mm
Ø 203 mm 
Ø 216 mm
Ø 229 mm 
Ø 247 mm 
Ø 254 mm
Ø 279 mm
Ø 290 mm 
Ø 305 mm 
Ø 348 mm

Speedline Austria:
up to max. 8.000mm

AGN Germany:
up to max. 7.000mm

Short version:
up to min. 1.500mm