Alu-met is a producer and supplier of high-quality aluminium billets.

The company has two production sites: Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt (Germany) and Speedline Aluminium Gießerei GmbH (Austria). At both locations we produce in total more than 150,000 tons of extrusion billets annually for the central European market. To work under safe and environmentally friendly conditions is the prerequisite of our business. Our employees ensure that all deliveries are made reliably and on time.

The satisfaction of our customers, partners and staff members is our top priority.

Besides international organisations and our solidarity with the Ukraine, Alu-met did provide 10.000,- Euro to support local volunteers organizing a transport with relief supplies. Locally based Ukrainians show their support by delivering relief supplies into the operational zone as well as giving accommodation to refugees. Due to the personal relationship between our employees and the affected families, we heard about the commitment and solidarity in Vorarlberg and we were happy to support them with financial power. Thanks to everyone making this transport happen!